Betty Gerstner

     Artist in Paradise

Pet Portrait
Watercolor Painting



Caz is my friend, Nancy Benedetti's, little Miniature Australian Shepherd.  She is a very energetic little dog.

Nancy has a swimming pool and when I visited her this summer, Caz loved to have me throw her frizbie across the pool for her to "rescue".  She would come up to me with her Frizbie in her mouth and, if I didn't get in the pool soon, she dropped the frizbie and started barking at me.  Once I got in the pool (she had me well trained), Caz would run around the edge of the pool and, as soon as she found a good spot, she would drop the frizbie into the pool.  I picked it up and threw it across the pool and, immediately, Caz dived in, swam across to the frizbie and, with it in her mouth, she swam to the steps of the pool and climbed out.  Then she started all over again.  She would do this "for-ever" as long as I kept up with the game.

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