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Art Bowl
Art Bowl

I learned to make this type of bowl in a class taken with Nancy Benedetti of San Diego, California.

The bowl is created by dipping two circular cut cotton flannel pieces into slip. One of the circular pieces is slightly larger than the other. After the slip on the flannel lost its stickiness, I draped each piece, first the smaller piece and then the larger piece, one over the other, over a balloon. I ruffled the edges to give the bowl an attractive shape. The base was made by folding a rectangular piece of flannel, that had also been dipped into slip, three times, and then shaping it into a "collar". This collar was attached to the base of the bowl with more slip.

This art bowl is in the Kailua Village Artists Gallery
at the Outrigger Keauhou Beach Resort in Keauhou, Hawaii, on the Big Island.

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