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Butterflies with Fiberglass on Pillow Vase
Butterflies, Fiberglass and Gold on Pillow Vase - Side One

Before painting anything on this vase, I applied fiberglass to the top "shoulder" of the vase and fired the vase to cone 06.  At that temperature, the fiberglass "melds" to the vase.  To apply the fiberglass to the vase, it needs to be pliable and able to stick to the vase.  To accomplish this, I soaked the piece of fiberglass in a mixture of Elmer's Glue and water.  The Elmer's Glue disappears during the firing, but it stays long enough to keep the fiberglass on the vase until it melts into the glaze.  After firing the fiberglass to the vase, I tried appying Mother of Pearl over the Fiberglass but I did not like the effect.  Eventually, I painted the fiberglass with Liquid Bright Gold.  I masked off the butterflies and plant shapes, appying Midnight Blue Luster after the masking fluid had dried.  Then I fired the vase to cone 018.  Next, I painted in the butterflies and plants with various luster colors.  Again the vase was fired to cone 018.  I don't remember how many more applications of luster color I put on the butterflies and plants, firing at cone 018 after each subsequent color application.  For the last fire, I outlined the butterfly and plant shapes with Liquid Bright Gold.

This vase has been sold

Butterflies with Fiberglass on Pillow Vase - Side Two
Side Two
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