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Halo Luster Vase
Halo Luster Vase
Halo Lusters are a special type of luster.  They contain a chemical ingredient which causes them to "halo" when applied to the porcelain.  The method I use for this application is to first just paint the halo color on to the piece.  Then, after several seconds (about 30 seconds to a minute) l dip the brush into the halo luster again and just "dot" it into the already applied luster that is on the piece.  This causes the paint to pull away from the center of the "dot", leaving a circular design.  The more luster applied, the looser the circle will be.  And the longer you let the first application dry, the more distinct and smaller the circle will be.  By continuing to "dot", with the loaded brush, into the already applied lister, interesting designs are formed.  I believe that the halo luster I used was Halo Gold.  I applied Mother of Pearl to the top "neck" of this vase.  After firing, I penned some outlines and shapes into the designs, using Platinum, a luster color.  I also applied a band of Platinum around the rim, middle and base of the vase.

This vase has been sold
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