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Luster Clown Fish on Oval Platter
Luster Clownfish on Oval Platter

I first painted the clown fish on this platter. I used "pointillism" in some of the shadow areas. This can be seen in the detail photo below. Painting of the Clown fish took several fires. The white bands on the fish were created by leaving the white porcelain unpainted. After I completed the final firing of the Clown fish, I applied masking fluid over the fish so that I could freely apply the background. I created the background by dribbling and running, with my brush, various colors of luster down the platter. This was then fired to cone 018. Finally, I painted a band of Liquid Bright Gold around the rim of the platter.

This vase has been sold

Luster Clownfish on Oval Platter - Detail
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