Betty Gerstner

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Hand Painted Porcelain


Palm Tree on Vase
Palm Trees on Vase
I used Crystal Magic to create a band on each side of this vase. To do this, I first applied Liquid Bright Gold to the band areas. After firing the Liquid Bright Gold, I applied Crystal Magic. Crystal Magic is a substance which, when it dries, crystalizes into Quartz-like shapes. If no paint is applied over the Crystal Magic before firing it, then it just fires away. But if paint is applied over the Crystal Magic after it dries, then the painted surface takes on the crystal shapes and, because of the paint, this design stays through the firing. For this application, after the Crystal Magic had dried and crystalized, I applied Midnight Blue Luster and then, before it had time to dry, I immediately wiped over it with a paper towel, removing most of the paint color and leaving the crystal shapes over the gold. Then I fired the vase. The palm trees (there is one on each side of the vase) were painted with luster colors.

This vase is in the Kailua Village Artists Gallery
at the Outrigger Keauhou Beach Resort in Keauhou, Hawaii, on the Big Island.

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