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Monstera Silhouette on Vase
Monstera Silhouettes on Vase

This vase was painted using a technique I learned from my former Luster Teacher, Michael Sullivan. He demonstrated this technique one year at the Oregon Porcelain Artists Retreat (OPAR). The silhouette part of the vase is done in only two firings. I picked two luster colors which work well together when fired over each other. For the first fire, I masked off the background and then painted into the remaining Monstera shapes with a dark green luster. For the second fire, I painted over the whole vase with a blue-green luster color. The top (neck) of the vase is done using a marbleizing technique: Marbleizer is a liquid, which, when applied over a dried luster color, causes the color to separate into a marble-like design during firing. For this marbleizing technique, I used a blue-green luster. After this was fired, I used Liquid Bright Gold to create a band separating the upper part of the vase from the lower part. I also painted the rim of the vase with Liquid Bright Gold and outlined some small Monstera shapes on top of the marbleized area.

This vase has been sold

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