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Hand Painted Porcelain


Hibiscus on Small Perfume Bottle
Hibiscus on Small Luster Perfume Bottle

I painted this perfume bottle with a technique similar to that which I used for the three-window ornaments. I first applied Mother of Pearl on the bottle. After firing the bottle, I painted Hibiscus flowers (three in all) around the bottle in the center of the three raised areas on the bottle. The painting of the flowers took about two firings to get enough color. After firing the bottle with the painted flowers, I outlined each flower, using a pen, with Liquid Bright Gold. I also painted Liquid Bright Gold around the rim of the bottle and covered the stopper with Liquid Bright Gold.. 

This perfume bottle is in the Kailua Village Artists Gallery
at the Outrigger Keauhou Beach Resort in Keauhou, Hawaii, on the Big Island.

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